I'm thinking about trading in some gear and getting a roland 30x along with some sort of fender strat. I have a Boss DS-1 and Boss OD-1 pedals that I plan to use with the setup.

What do you guys think?

PS I'll be using it for lots of stuff: Different Rock, some blues hopefully, punk, some raggae maybe.

Get a better amp first. Trust me. Forget about the fender start and get your self a decent tube amp..Then just keep the guitar you have now.
I actually have an Epiphone Valve Standard Tube Amp but it's not the best at low volumes. I might just keep it and buy another amp too.
Roland 30x is a pretty good AMP should be fine with a nice Fender Stratocaster. Go for the HSS (Fat) stratocaster tho its more versatile you can play all sorts of music on it.