Ok, so what makes 70s rock exactly? Sure they didn't have these high-tech amps that we have, active pickups, and these new fangled bridges, so what makes 70s rock, 70s rock? Just curious, plus, my wifes parents are having an oldies/70s movie party, and they wanted me to write my own 70s rock-ish song.
What are you talking about? There was a wide variety of rock in the 70's. You had hard rock, prog, fusion, punk, and new wave. I'm assuming you mean hard rock, nothing more than overdriven tube power.
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It isn't 70's rock unless it was made sometime in the 70's.....
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The typical 70s sound is crunchy riffs with wailing solos and sexual lyrics. Think Zeppelin, AC/DC, Bad Company, etc...

The 70s were dominated by Disco though.