He says he's selling an RR3, but it doesn't have the same pickup combo as MusiciansFriend lists. Is this legit?

Also, I missed out on a great deal for an Epiphone Les Paul Standard. I played it at Guitar Center and loved it. I loved the neck, the pickups, the tone, and the action. It was miles better than my Ibanez. However, I have a $4000 loan to pay off and I don't want to spend too much more than $300 on a guitar. For used guitars in my price range, I've seen an Ibanez RG4EX or something like that.

So, what I want to know is...what's good for my style? I like Metallica's clean tone, which I can get just fine with my Ibanez Gio, though I plan on passing it on to my little brother. I play metal a lot, but also Pearl Jam, Duane Alman's stuff, and some Fruciante-like clean stuff.
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Peavey Studio Pro 112 for sale. Anyone want it?
The RR3 is legit. Just the older, non-pro model. When I say non pro I mean its not the RR3 Professional, not that it sucks. The only thing I would say is the trem isn't made out of very good materials, but the rest of the guitar is very solid. Your choice really, personally I'd get the Jackson, but play everything before you buy it.

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