Okay so, I've did some research into recording equipment... as far as I can tell, the very minimum I need for semi-decent recordings is a Pre-Amp and a XLR Mic.

The thing is, the laptop that my band use to record at the moment doesn't have a firewire port- and no way to add one. Right now we use a crummy USB mic connected straight into the laptop, and yeah... it sounds terrible, but it's did us for now because we've stink, or at least, we did.

We're starting to move on though, and figure we need better ways to record our sessions. I know studios offer such services, but we'd rather do it ourselves.

So I must seek the advice of those who know what the hell they're talking about! Any recommendations on bare-minimum equipment for semi-decent sound quality?- bare in mind we have been making do with a USB mic up until now! And no, we're not trying to record CD-quality here... just less grainy, hissy recordings.

As for a budget, probably a tight £200-300 for everything ($400-600).

the very minium you will need for a good recording is a firewire interface and a decent mic.
also, youll get better help in the proper forum.
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