I was wondering how does corey taylor do his screams. its not the fry scream, nor the false/death chord. Any one know?
Either way if your planning to sing like him yourself, just a warning: he's losing his voice
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NO hes not, you LIAR, he screams properly, dont let the D-bags ruin your scream experience. You have to learn how to scream properly like he does, there is a DVD in guitar world called the zen of screaming that demonstrates how to scream without damaging your voice.
he recently changed his technique. you can hear the difference in AHIG. By the way, your voice should be at least mostly mature-you should be at least 20-25 years old. and then get a voice coach.
True about the technique changing.
He screamed badly back in the day.

His new technique is like yelling.
A lot better, check them out live, post-All Hope Is Gone.
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Erm, vocal thread I guess.

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