Really Cool song, Great vocals, sounds really professional (hence the website). Your band has some really good stuff, you guys should come to Tulsa
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That's pretty dank dude, I like it.

Fast paced, but still uplifting.

You guys sound pretty organized. Vocals are nice, it has a nice raspyness to it, lyrics are good.

The guitars are pretty well put together.

Only thing is I would turn up the electric guitars just a tiny wee bit, probably get you a little more energy.

I need mine criticised as well
thx for the feedback...i'll have another listen to your tune and send my opinions your way soon Drodo...at first liisten, it seems a little slow getting to the good part.

cheers, d
First off, I really liked how the voice just cut through the silence of the intro. They sounded great throughout the song, although I didn't like the lyrics too much. There seemed to be some very slight timing problems in the song. The song seemed to be mixed decently. None of the guitar work really stood out to me, but it all served the song well. The solo seemed like it was just...there. I was hoping to hear something flashier. But that's just me.

Overall, good job man.

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