so the picking edge come to a V instead of a U? wow, huge tonal difference its amazing! if you're having problems with the "squealies" then i would recommend sharpening your pick
Used too. Then i found these. www.v-picks.com

They will change your life.

Edit: Fixed link sorry.
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seriously, theyre like 10 cents. just go buy a new one

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Used too. Then i found these. v-picks.com

They will change your life.

since that wasn't a link i had to control V that into my browser.

just thought id share
How would it affect squealies tonally or anything tonally at all? It's just a different shape pick. and don't you just pick down and make the thumb brush the string. Downstrumming it is like a bad habit since it can slow you down in fast passages.
It's a pinch harmonic. Or an artificial harmonic.

Seriously. Look it up.

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