i got a new guitar and the fifth fret is higher than the others and the string wont even sound a little. Is there a way to file it down w/o going to a guitar store cause the closest one is an hour away and repairs are overpriced. Suggestions?

made u look
so if you play and frets 1-4 they wont sound at all? sounds to me like you have a truss bar problem and they probably need to be filed down.
did you get it at the store? or online?
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Fret leveling sir. Google it.


Also you'll get better help in the GB&C, but this should be all you need.

Frets can pop out of place too, if that is you're problem, then press it back in with a caul, or refret that particular fret. If there is no problem with the neck bow, it isn;t a truss rod issue.
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If you just have fret buzz, then set up your guitar properly.

If you have a tall fret, press it back into place or level it.

Any other questions?
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