I have a problem with my new amp, it is a Vox ad30vt. When i crank the gain and volume up to get distortion, my amp buzzes like crazy.
When I actually play though, the noise goes away (kind of)
I play a Strat with Mightmite pick ups. When the pick ups are out of phase, the buzz goes away and it is all great, but when I take them out of phase and use for example, The bridge pick up. The buzz goes crazy.

Anyone got any ideas on what might be causing this because I believe this is not normal.
im guessing since u have a strat u have single coils. im not too familiar with mightymite but you may not have it set up for noise cancelling so u get that usual 60hz hum from the pickups when played alone
Yeah they are single coils. How do I set it up for noise canceling?
Should just be hum from single coils. Once the coils are in phase they "buck" the hum, but by themselves at high gain you'll get a lot of buzz.


You can't really set them up to be noiseless, but you can greatly reduce the hum with shielding.
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honestly dude, all amps buzz, strats have NEVER handled gain well unless the single coils pups are meant to be used with distortion, and the louder it gets, the more buzzing you get. you could try getting a noise gate if you want to eliminate some of that noise, or at least make it go silent when you're not playing. my amp does the same thing, as does every amp i've ever played, and if you listen closely to live concerts vids, their s*** buzzes too. listen to metallica's "live s*it binge and purge" and you'll hear what i mean. cables and the overall setup of your guitars and amps make very little difference in the grand scheme of things when it comes to noise.
Im not sure about the Vox amp, but there is never any way to get rid of all the hum, but all the Mighty Mite single coils say their stacked, i think that that noise in gonna be there regardless. Get a noise gate?
thats what single coils do, thats also why humbuckers were invented
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