I recently purchased a Boss GT-10 and i need a new amp loud enough and with good tone so i can use it at shows, since im not filthy rich i was wondering...

is there anyway i could use my GT-10 as a preamp and save the money by just getting cabs or something instead of a combo/stack? cause i just have no idea if the power output is enough or if i need a preamp for a cab for volume and ah idk.. help?
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No, just get a good combo and you'll be fine for small to medium gigs, you dont need a big 100 watt marshall halfstack. A 50 watter will be enough and if not mic it, so go for tone not loudness and wattage.
You can't use the GT-10 as a pre-amp because its just an effcets unit.
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okay sweet, i have two (maybe three?) shows in january coming up, any recommendations for a cheaper but does-the-trick amp loud enough for a show of about 300 people
What type of music do you play? And how much money can yoou spend?
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indie/hardcore. basically stuff from like august burns red to our last night (if you know of either of those bands)

im really bad with genre's, i play/listen to what i like when i hear it not by what its called haha

right now i have about $400 saved up. but my range is under $500-600
If you want a Solid State amp you should look at Randalls or Vox
If you want tube then a Valveking or B52-AT is in your pricerang
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no preference, whatever will get the job done and wont get muffled or fuzzy
Look into a B-52 AT112, Randall RG50TC... those amps would suit you well.
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Look into a B-52 AT112, Randall RG50TC... those amps would suit you well.

thanks, ill check them out
ive had a 40 watt peavey from when i started out, and i know it gets extremely fuzzy and the tone blows when i try to play with drums +such, so how would a 60 watt be much better? (sorry if im going off topic)
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He could use it as a pre amp. He would just need a power amp to run it through a cab.

wouldnt that defeat the purpose of using my GT-10 as a preamp since buying a cab + a power amp would add up to the price of a combo amp or a half stack?