I recently got ahold of an ancient guitar which I believe is an some Gibson 1920's model. I know nothing about acoustics as I play bass however the fretboard angles off at the 12th fret where the neck joins the body. Its hard to tell what has happened but the top part of the neck is at a 15 degree angle with the body but after the 12th fret the fretboard is glued flush with the top creating a pivot point at the 12th fret with a 15 degree difference. Needless to say the instrument is unplayable. Can a I make a project out of this and fix it? There is no truss rod in the neck and the logo has been sanded off and the sticker is gone so no model information on this one. Thanks.
20s? dang, i thought i cool for playing a accoustic from the 60s.

pics or shens none-the-less
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