Well, if you're not alternate picking then look at the lessons for it in the lessons section.
But if you can alternate pick look there anyway.
Your best bet is just to alternate pick at a slow speed and gradually build speed.
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If you get that feeling, that means that you aren't synchronized and you're pushing yourself to a level that you aren't at yet. You need to slow down. WAY down. Find a speed that you are totally comfortable at, where you're playing with no tension and you can keep both hands perfectly in time. Make sure you're playing with a metronome/drum machine. Then work your way up slowly.
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It's natural for the left hand to develop faster than the right hand...

Great Paul Gilbert quote, "The left hand is the steering wheel, and the picking hand is the gas... If you can't steer, you shouldn't hit the gas!"

So that's normal. This may sound redundant after everyone else, but practice slow to a metronome Check Youtube for exercises from Gilbert and John Petrucci, I think they have the best ones to get started with.

Picking takes a ton of time to develop. I've grown to like using legato more, alt picking is tough stuff...
Weird, im the exact opposite. My picking hand can do just about anything, its my fingering hand that can't keep up. (esp. when practicing sweeps)
Having "speed" in an individual hand is next to worthless if you can't use both hands in time together.
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Generally speaking, your left hand will be ahead of your right. Get used to it!

For you to pick at 200bpm, your left hand has to be even more precise than to legato 200bpm, AND you have to have an extremely loose and co-ordinated right hand.

Basically, picking is more difficult to preform quickly. If you want exercises or advice, there's loads in the stickies.
Hmmm yeah. Maybe Hammer-ons and pull-offs? You do have the picking, but at the same speed. Therefore you can go twice as fast. If your left hand can keep up. =] Sweep Picking is pretty good too. But to get that insane metal sound then you have to alternate pick. Just practice. And you'll get faster haha sit infront of the T.V and do it. Whatever Just practice alot. =]
Actually, I wouldn't suggest sitting in front of the T.V. when you practice. If you are sitting in front of your favorite T.V. show, you aren't going to be focused as much on the guitar ehh?

Freepower has the answer here. Your left hand will always be faster. You just have to bring your picking up to speed, but MAKE SURE IT'S PERFECT! If you can't play a run without any mistakes, you're going too fast.
Ok thanks guys I'll get to shredding scales with a metronome then

And yes I alternate pick, are you insulting my technical ability or something?!?!?!

Lately I've been just doing chromatic runs, once using all down picking, once using all up, then alt. (Kind of along the lines of something like the "A chain can only be as strong as it's weakest link" theory)
Be sure to spend lots of time on string crossing. inside crosses, outside crosses, 1 npst, 2 npst, 3 npts, string skips, and so on.

Picking fast on one or two strings with only a little crossing is relatively easy compared to licks that have lots of crossing. That's where the picking side of things gets really tricky. So the more time you spend on that, the better off you'll be.