so yup, i WAS going to get an electric for christmas, but as fate goes, i didnt, and have settled on an electric/acustic for multiple reasons.

so yeah, i have 275$ twoards it since i didnt get the electric, whats the best buy? i tried a couple out at guitar center, and idk, ovations just dont seem attractive to me, with the rounded back and whatever, i meen idk if it really affects the sound when i go unplugged but whatever...
so unless ovation is THE only way to go, please suggest something with a normaly shaped body :P

i dont go for the curves, its the inside that counts rite? .... if you know what i meen

so yeah, whats ur suggestion for the best electric-acustic guitar to get for 275$?

and yes,,, i can muster up a few more dollars if the best one for near that price is 300

and NO, i dont know if there is a specific forum for electric-acustic guitars, so iges im gunna post in both....
and by electric-acustic i meen the ones that can do both... im not totaly savvy on this "hybrid" type of guitar if you call it that.

so you mean like an acoustic that plugs in like an ovation? thats kinda what id call a hybrid i guess...
yeah, an acustic that plugs in i gues you could call it.
i dont know if theres an official name for it, i always called them electric-acustic guitars,
At least spell it correctly. I know it's nitpicky, but it bugs me.