Is 5 watts valve loud?

How loud?

Would it be loud enough to play with a drummer?

I have a 10 watt ss amp.

i want to upgrade,

I was thinking maybe a 5 watt valve amp or a good pedal infront of my ss 10 watt.

I'd only ever play in my bedroom and sometimes with a band, not big tbh, no gigs,
5 watts tube can be loud but not loud enough to keep up with a drummer. Id say you would need at least 30 watts tube to keep up with a drummer but I have seen the 15 watt orange tiny terror sound good live with a drummer.
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5 watt tube amps are terrible.

No headroom for jamming and too loud to crank in your bedroom.

Oh, and you don't need 15 tube watts to jam with a drummer.
What.. so if 5 watts is too loud to crank in a bed room...

then what can i crank in my bed room..

and why 5 watts terrible?

uhm? help?
A 5 watter tube amp can be loud enough. It depends on a couple things though.

1. How dynamic is your drummer?
I think a drummer with an excellent ear is the hardest spot to fill in a band, and
also usually the guy with the most talent.

2. What size room are you playing?
If you are playing your garage or basement, 5 watts is plenty. If you plan on
giging, you will have to be mic'd with an amp like that. Or look elsewhere.

3. How much headroom do you need?
Do you like a clean tone with some pedals in front, or do you like the tone from
a cranked tube amp. Or somewhere in between.

4. What type of amp.
I have about every 5 watter (my favorite kind of amp) out there and some can
cut it clean over a drummer, but others are getting crunchy at 11 o'clock.

I've jammed alot with a Silverfaced Champ, it can stay pretty clean over a drummer. Recently I have been using my Valve jr, or BH-5 for the dirty stuff, and a Superchamp XD for cleans. For my last gig I used a Deluxe Reverb for the cleans and my new Tiny Terror for the dirty stuff. For versitility, you may want to look for a little more power, but I have never had the need for a tube amp over 30 watts.

If you want something you can jam in your bedroom with look to a Vibro/Super Champ XD. The XD champs are modeling amps with a tube power section. You can get british/vintage/metal tones out of them. While they truley don't sound near as good as the real thing, it does a great job of getting a nice tone without waking the neighbors. They are great for practicing.

5 watt single ended amps are not terrible. There are probally more recordings made with them than any other kind of amp. They have great tone and character. They are portable and have moderate volume. They are also cheap and easy to maintain and/or modify. Lack a little volume/headroom for gigging, is their biggest fault.
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Quote by telecastermetal
What.. so if 5 watts is too loud to crank in a bed room...

then what can i crank in my bed room..

and why 5 watts terrible?

uhm? help?

Sound wise, most modern ones ( Blackheart, Valve Junior, etc. ) don't sound that great. Plus, they are terrible because they are too loud for bedroom use and not loud enough for anything bigger than a small gig.

But for jamming, I guess a 5 watter is ok. It's just that they don't sound very good compared to higher wattage amps like the Tiny Terror ( but they are much cheaper).

Now, if you could get something like a Cornell Plexi 7 ( Hultan has one), then you would be in for a treat.
Hmm ok, so wtf.. a 5 watt is too loud?


yes i do like the tone of a cranked tube amp.

well i think i do..


so then what can i use that will sound fine in a bedroom but also be heard over the drums for practicing in like a hall or a room. and for smalll small gigs
If you have mic'ing capabilities the 5 watt will be fine. I've been using a Valve Junior with a POD XTL for awhile now and it's a great practice amp. When I need it to be louder I mic it through a PA.
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The 5 watt mode on my Express 5:50 sounds fantastic, and it's definitely loud enough to get over drums.

Then again, 5 watts with five pre-amp tubes is a little more difficult to find in most amps...you should be fine though. Cranking it will get pretty loud, but as long as you aren't in an apartment or playing it at later than 8:00, other people won't care. I, personally, never care how loud my amp gets. It's the evangelicals across the street that care.

You may want to just go up to 15 with an orange tiny terror though(can go to 7 watts also). Besides, the formula goes 5x the watt, 2x the loud.
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I have a 15w tube amp and have no problem with jamming with a drummer or SS half stacks. You need to crank a tube amp for tube tone anyway, otherwise you might as well just be using a hybrid amp.
I have a silverface vibro champ (6 watts i believe) and it gets loud on 10, but it depends on what pickup, tone settings, even humbucker vs. single coil makes a difference. it also depends what kinda of drummer, not metal, screamo or emo, maybe rock, blues and jazz? It all depends, but I can get good tones outta it at 'bedroom' levels...
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this is my big thing about amps.
go try some out, as many as you can that are withing your price range. and buy the one that you like the tone of the most, regardless of wattage.
loud amps can be quieted, and quiet amps can be mic'd. you can make any thing work for you, just get the one that you like the most.
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Quote by huevos
A 5W tube amp would probably only be good for bedroom practice.

The 15W-30W range would probably be best for small gigs

But more wattage= more headroom
And you can use a 120W tube amp for bedroom practice, doesn't matter
But many of those watts will be "untapped"
So decide on only what you really need

So the bigger the better ?

Really you must have no experience with amps, as you then would have discovered the magic of a cranked tube amp That decired magic is something that is very very seldomly obtainable with 120 watts. a good quality 15watt amp will have more than enough headroom for 100 percent cleans over any drummer. AND will be able to be cranked in smaller venues as well As for 5 watts to be only good for bedroom,; well I use my valve junior and a 2x12 when we rehearse, and get nearly perfect cleans over the drummer, and when doing anything overdriven not to say lead, I get more than enough volume. really I usually dont even have the amp cranked, but at 3/4ths. Anyhow. it is way too loud for bedroom practice, if you want some powertube magic out of it.

TS i suggest you get something like the vox ac15 for playing out. That will give you 100 percent cleans over a drummer anytime you need it, and does overdriven tones so well And for your quiet bedroom practicing get something with headphones
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