Hey, I'm interested in getting my first semihollowbody guitar. I am saving up to buy a higher end one, I would really like to get a gibson es series, ie a 335 or something of the like. Anyway, I play mostly bluesy rock with a jazz tinge to it ie, SRV, Buddy Guy, John Mayer,Chuck Berry, Allman Brother plus a lot of rock on top of that.

Anyway, I'm looking for a guitar that will be good for lots of blues and jazz, but also the distorted rock kind of stuff. Also, I'm looking for a pretty playable neck. I'm not one for a really thick neck, usually I'm a strat kind of guy, but looking to step out a little. Any suggestions?
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Go to GC or somewhere that sales hollowbodies and try to play a few to get a feel for them. I prefer a strat neck, too, but I find my Gibson ES-135 to be very comfortable to play.

What guitars to look at really depends on what you decide to spend on the guitar.
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Here's the deal:

The standard ES-335 has two neck options:
1) '59 neck profile
2) 60s slim taper neck

If you're getting a standard 335, the 60 slim taper neck is what you want. The standard ES 335 is made in the Memphis custom shop.

Now, if you have an even higher budget, you can go for a 1963 historic ES 335 ( 60s neck). These are made in the Nashville custom shop, where the VOS guitars are made. The Nashville custom shop has better quality control than the Memphis custom shop.

Now, if you have the time, you can try the ES-339.

I own a 339 and have played many 335s.

The 339 has 2 neck options:
1) 50 rounded ( thick)
2) 30/60 neck (thin)

I have one with a 30/60 neck and it's great. It's a bit thicker than the 60s slim taper, but it's great, because the 60s slim taper neck is too thin for many players.

I play blues, funk, jazz fusion, rock and everything in between and the ES-339 is the perfect guitar for me. Why?

1) It's versatile (more than a 335)

2) It sounds similar to a 335, but has less low end and has a bit more "bite".

3) The '57 classics in it sound amazing, perfect for blues, jazz and rock.

4) For rock, it sounds more aggressive than an ES-335 and has less feedback at high volume levels. This is very important for playing with lots of gain at high volume.

5) The small body size is very comfortable ( more than a Les Paul) and makes it much lighter than the 335.

6)They are the best priced Gibsons, period.

7) Memphis tone circuit uses 500k pots to preserve your highs when you turn the guitar's volume down ( very noticeable)

8) I've played vintage 335s and the antique cherry finish looks EXACTLY like an aged cherry 335. It's much nicer than the bright red finish modern 335s come with.

Now, here are a few minor problems with the guitar:

1) It has less sustain than a 335 ( barely noticeable)

2)The setup was iffy on mine ( badly cut nut, dry fretboard). I ordered it before it came out, so it's partially my fault. I just got it set up afterwards and it plays like a dream now. Now that you can play 'em at stores, you just have to find a good one and you're set.

IMO, the 339 is excellent.

I hope I helped!