Hello all. A friend and I just finished recording three new songs and were looking for some outside feedback. they'll be the three top songs in my profile, entitled "5/4 Jazz" (quite simply a jazz tune in 5/4); "One Way Love" (A slower ballad type song with just piano and strings); and "Pax" (A peaceful, spacey song which I'm not really sure how it got recorded or why). Thanks everyone.
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When the piano first comes in, seems kinda messy. But after that it sounds great. and also why bring in the drums so late? i guess it gives it that extra push. But turn it up a little so we can hear it. And also why the fade out ending, those are always so lame, you got to end it right.(imo). Great groove, is fine how it is, but could use some fine tuning.

One way Love
Feels like were not getting enough of the synth in the beginning, there are a few slip ups on the piano, but overall great piano work. not much else to say, great piece.

Pretty cool sounding song, like it.

crit mine?

and maybe also the vid in my sig
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