Sorry, guys, but I have some questions regarding the audio interface (I know that I'm 10000000's one asking about it, but I'm not content with the results of the search here)...

What I'd like is to record electric guitar and voice (not simultaneously) on my laptop... And now thinking on the choise of the audio interface for it....

The first question is about really cheap stuff like this:
or this

Is it really garbage or if I only need to record one instrument it is ok. I also don't need a preamp or additional effects...

Or it is better to look at something like this (not going to spend more than $150 on it):


PS: I have a firewire input on my laptop...

Thank you
I wouldn't go with the cheap interfaces if I were you. I bought a M-Audio Jamlab (Similar to the $40 behringer) a while ago and all it did was frustrate me. The latency wasn't the best and neither was sound quality. That type of interface is just too limited. Go with the Firewire Behringer model.
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I don't get any latency with my toneport. Firewire's great if you're recording multiple inputs though.
Aha, thank you!
I'm not going to record several inputs in the nearest future... So, I think that I shall get that one...
if you're just going to do one track records you'll do fine without firewire...
You like it
I also suggest saving up for a better interface...cheap ones just never work well...

If you MUST go with a lower end unit, go for the line6 Toneport GX. It will work on dynamic mics and guitars or bass.