i've saved up my christmas moeney and have been working for a bit and have decided that it is almost time for a new guitar since i will be getting a new amp from my dad because i finished my eagle scout (i only did it for the amp) i've narrowed down my options to this




i have a fender copy that i really love the sound of (i put some of those fender vintage noiselesses in there) but i want something with humbuckers for some heavier music (like 'deth, pantera, zakk wylde kinda stuff). im leaning toward the laguna because it is a really nice guitar and it has the sound similar to a fender and i love that. plus with all the money i save on it i'll have enough to buy a better bridge pickup if i need to. but i want a prs because the dudes from opeth play em and i fell in love with those.

so comparing: sustain, tone (i like a nice midrange punch), and stock pickups (i'll change if i need to): which is best
PRS SE's are usually very good qaulity guitars, and sound pretty epic for the price.

But the reforestation scheme from laguna is pretty cool..
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