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What would your set up be

Type of Music

Rockstar Girlfriend

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport

Sponsership Deals

Signature Instrument/Gear

Record Label


Record Producer


Royalty Split

Approach to Fans

Ridiculous Indulgence

Band Breakup

Rockstar Death

Type of Music Prog rock/metal

Rockstar Girlfriend Gina Lynn & Pam Anderson

Band Rider McDs Dbl Cheeseburger Meals, Ramen Noodles, Spanish, Heinikan, Absinthe
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport Winnebagos/Limo and Private Jet

Sponsership Deals Blackmachine & Freshman Guitars Bk Pups Engl Amps Mercedes

Signature Instrument/Gear Rosewood necked chambered PRS style guitar dual inputs

Record Label Roadrunner or self financing

Manager Cliff Burnstein

Record Producer Rich Costey

Mastering Sterling Sound

Royalty Split 50% to songwriter 10% to rest

Ridiculous Indulgence Having a 2milliion dollar studio

Approach to Fans Girls taken backstage guys share a beer with occassionally

Band Breakup Due to cheating on singers wife

Rockstar Death Drug Overdose while with 10 groupies behind the marshalls
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Type of Music: Ska/Punk/Reagae

Rockstar Girlfriend: Can't keep me tied down.

Band Rider: Taco Bell, Mountain Dew
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport: Bus

Sponsership Deals: Fender, Marshall

Signature Instrument/Gear: A custom Strat

Record Label: Self-run

Manager: Me

Record Producer: ME

Mastering: Me

Royalty Split: Songwriter 60%, the rest is split among other banc members

Approach to Fans: If you're a guy, you have no place backstage at my concert. If you're a chick, you have no business not being backstage at one of my concerts.

Ridiculous Indulgence: A gondola for my house

Band Breakup: Creative differences

Rockstar Death: Amp lights on fire and burns me.
grok it.


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Type of Music

Rockstar Girlfriend
Haley Williams is the only one I can think of right now.
If I were to have a girlfriend at this stage, she probably wouldn't be famous.

Band Rider
Subway, Cuban food, monster

Band Transport

Sponsership Deals
Free guitars
free picks
free prostitutes (MUST BE HIGH END)

Signature Instrument/Gear
Pretty much the newest schecter hellraiser with sharktooth inlays and maybe a single coil in the middle with a five way switch selecter on the top of the body.

Record Label
Facedown/Tooth and Nail


Record Producer


Royalty Split
Evenly between the members

Approach to Fans
There's no reason to act superior to them. I'm just a human.

Ridiculous Indulgence
Having a "funhouse"
You'd have to go through ball pits and go through slides to get into bed.

Band Breakup

Rockstar Death
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Type of Music - PUNK

Rockstar Girlfriend - someone not famous.. just a really cool chick

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise) - no clue what this is

Band Transport - a big white van with some bumper stickers on it

Sponsership Deals - mountain dew

Signature Instrument/Gear - no sig. gear... just my les paul and orange amp

Record Label - fat wreck records

Manager - myself

Record Producer - not butch vig

Mastering - this cool kid i know named tobe...

Royalty Split - everyone starts with an equal share, then songwriter gets one extra share

Approach to Fans - be chill.. if they want to meet us, sure.. not axl rose at all

Ridiculous Indulgence - playing foosball and badmiton backstage

Band Breakup - indefinate hiatus because tired from touring

Rockstar Death - dies of old age way later in life

i'd be a chill rockstar... i wish it could happen
My Guitars:
Gibson Les Paul Studio
Epiphone AJ
Ibanez Strat Copy

Orange Tiny Terror Head
Old beaten up Peavey cab
Marshall MG30DFX
Type of Music Rap

Rockstar Girlfriend Various bitches

Band Rider KFC, Absolut
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport Escalade with bullet proof windows, Hummer limo, and a jet

Sponsership Deals Glocks with my name on the barrel

Signature Instrument/Gear Balla ass diamond encrusted turn tables

Record Label Death Row

Manager Violator Managment

Record Producer Dr. Dre

Mastering Me

Royalty Split 80 to me, 20 to producer

Approach to Fans Arrogant

Ridiculous Indulgence Cars and mansions

Band Breakup Death

Rockstar Death Shot up on the block by rival rapper
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Type of Music- Rock/metal

Rockstar Girlfriend- megan fox

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise)- everything on here, just to tick off the people running the show.

Band Transport- Nice tour bus. that way you can stop and see new places where as if you get a plane its a non stop trip.

Sponsership Deals- Gibson guitars/ Mesa Boogie amps

Signature Instrument/Gear- my own signature les paul that shoots fire out the headstock.

Record Label- RCA

Ridiculous Indulgence- a house thats shaped like a guitar.

Band Breakup- none hopefully

Rockstar Death- i suffocate because there are too many hot groupies hanging on me.
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Type of Music; Death metal

Rockstar Girlfriend;

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise);... wut?
food/drink = caspian's pizza/cider or whiskey :P

Band Transport; private jet :P

Sponsership Deals; yea sure

Signature Instrument/Gear; Peavey Dan edition head w/ DanCorps™ custom guitar

Record Label; Earache

Manager; Self managed

Record Producer; Self produced

Mastering; That Peel guy?

Royalty Split; no ty

Approach to Fans;

Ridiculous Indulgence; Ummm :P

Band Breakup; nut

Rockstar Death; tripping over a banana skin on the way to drop some clothes off to a charity shop
My Band =]
We play some goffic pish
Its fun

Leave us a comment, we'll get back to you =]
Type of Music: Alternative Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend: Milla Jovovich

Band Rider: Monster

Band Transport: Private jets and good ol' fashioned tour buses

Sponsership Deals: Gibson, Mesa Boogie, Dunlop, Ernie Ball

Signature Instrument/Gear: See above

Record Label: Any that would have me

Manager: Anyone whos not a prick and would take a low percentage

Record Producer: Somebody good

Mastering: Somebody better

Royalty Split: Even between members

Approach to Fans: They put us there

Ridiculous Indulgence: Big house

Band Breakup: Egotistical singer

Rockstar Death: Plane crash
Type of Music Grunge/hardrock

Rockstar Girlfriend: A nice girl that eventually i'll marry with

Band Rider: Illegal substances, Beer, Legal substances, Beer, Uknown illegal substances, Beer, Uknown legal substances, Beer, M&M's seperated by color, Smarty's seperated by taste, Beer, Weed, and Beer.

Band Transport: An old Chevy/mercedes Van.

Sponsership Deals: None i'ma cool rockstar and i don't need them, Unless they are buying my illegal substances, And beer.

Signature Instrument/Gear: Anything that sounds twangy and hard with distortian, Aything that'l give me beer.

Record Label: Disney

Manager: My mother.

Record Producer: My father

Mastering: Anyone who likes music, And has to drink beer.

Royalty Split: 3 members, so there's no fair deal so i get 10% more so guess what, More beer.

Approach to Fans: If they really like my music, And aren't just "fans"then i'd smoke a J' with them, And drink beer.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Having 2 million worth of mushrooms and lsd, And beer.

Band Breakup: We won't instead, We'll break up Fall Our Boy for fun. And free beer from the ones who thanks us for that.

Rockstar Death: Falling from stage whilst in an LSD trip, When i've had to many beer.

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Type of Music- indie/folk

Rockstar Girlfriend- Kate Beckinsale

(food/drink/other backstage wise)- Steak and potatoes

Band Transport- Zepplin

Sponsership Deals- Everything hannah montana has, but more awesome

Signature Instrument/Gear- 12 string guitars made of giant trrtles.

Record Label- yes, all of them would be necessary to produce the awesomeness

Manager- John lennon (Zombies work for free)

Record Producer- Brian epstein (also zombie, or slave if he is alive)

Mastering - Kermit the frog. (I hear he is sick good)

Royalty Split- 100% to me

Approach to Fans- worship-esque

Ridiculous Indulgence- pay 30 million to have every record and picture of the jonas brothers burnt. They of course will be worse then dead, they will work at arbys

Band Breakup- An explosion when the awesomeness creates a time continum shift

Rockstar Death- buried as a pharoah in a pyramid
Type of Music: Death Metal

Rockstar Girlfriend: Eva Mendes

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise): jack daniels, jack daniels, annnd jack daniels

Band Transport: probably a bus, or a tank

Sponsership Deals: peeps, the little marshmallow birds. millions of them

Signature Instrument/Gear: i only use my ltd v-500. ONLY

Record Label: metal blade or something

Manager: charles manson.

Record Producer:Jesus H. Christ

Mastering: Randy Blythe

Royalty Split: all equal. $5,000,000 bucks each. every day.

Approach to Fans: KILL 'EM ALL style

Ridiculous Indulgence: a lot of taco bell.

Band Breakup: probably will be over the end of the world

Rockstar Death: ill die trying to wake ozzy up with an airpla-wait a minute...
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- Type of Music

- Rockstar Girlfriend
Zoe or Joey

- Band Rider (food/drink/other backstage wise)

- Band Transport

- Sponsership Deals
National Geographic

- Signature Instrument/Gear
Some Martin acoustic

- Record Label

- Manager

- Record Producer

- Mastering

- Royalty Split
the fuck?

- Approach to Fans
Appreciative and caring

- Ridiculous Indulgence
Zoe or Joey

- Band Breakup

- Rockstar Death
Type of Music - Indie Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend - Hayley Williams

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise) - (see foo fighters rider)

Band Transport - Volkswagen Kombi

Sponsership Deals - The UN

Signature Instrument/Gear - SRV signature strat. Gretsch White Falcon, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe.

Record Label - Dew Process

Manager - Ian Faith

Record Producer - Rob Cavallo

Mastering - Done myself so I can get it how I want it!

Royalty Split - Everyone gets equal share, except I get twice as much because I'm rhythm guitarist and vocalist

Approach to Fans - Really close to many hardcore fans

Ridiculous Indulgence - Buckingham Palace.

Band Breakup - I want to the band in a new electro-experimential direction, and everyone else walks out

Rockstar Death - Suicide at 27 by shotgun.
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Type of Music: Ska/Reggae/Punk

Rockstar Girlfriend: Scarlett Johansson

Band Rider(food/drink/other backstage wise): Pizza and chocolate milk.

Band Transport: Tour Van.

Sponsership Deals: None

Signature Instrument/Gear: Fender Telecaster

Record Label: My own label

Manager: Myself

Record Producer: Myself

Mastering: Myself

Royalty Split: 100% to me/my band.

Approach to Fans: I would love my fans. I would sign autographs for hours.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Nice Fedoras/Trilbys and nice suits.

Band Breakup: We'd break-up during World War 4.

Rockstar Death: I'd be killed in World War 5.
Type of Music: Roots Reggae.

Rockstar Girlfriend: My current girlfriend.

Band Rider: What?
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport: A van.

Sponsership Deals: No idea.

Signature Instrument/Gear: Nyabinghi drums.

Record Label: No idea.

Manager: No idea.

Record Producer:No idea.

Mastering: Me

Royalty Split: No idea.

Approach to Fans: Involved.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Ganja.

Band Breakup: See below.

Rockstar Death: Powernapping on some train tracks...
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- H.I.M Haile Selassie I
Type of Music: grunge-revival

Rockstar Girlfriend: Keira Knightley

Band Rider: 2 cases of Killian's Irish Red, Quizno's
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport: mini-blimp

Sponsorship Deals: gear deals with the people below

Signature Instrument/Gear: custom ESP, GHS strings, Marshall amps, and I'd like a custom version of Tremonti's wah made

Record Label: ideally we manage to pull a Trent from early on and self-promote and reap all the benefits of the digital age

Manager: Nikki Sixx

Record Producer: self-produced, maybe and album with Rick Rubin...

Mastering: clue?

Royalty Split: 3 ways...heh, 3 way

Approach to Fans: high level of interaction with the fans, and we will sleep with many of them

Ridiculous Indulgence: dark beer, women, sour gummie worms

Band Breakup: creative differences

Rockstar Death: the other two guys in the band like to try and outdrink each other, so i think it's pretty obvious
"Be as radical as reality."
- V.I. Lenin
Type of Music: Godly

Rockstar Girlfriend: Amy Winehouse, yum. Seriously? All of them

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise): Fireball whiskey and Beck's

Band Transport: Extended Cab Prius

Sponsership Deals: Soldano, Tortex, DW

Signature Instrument/Gear: Too detailed to include

Record Label: My own


Record Producer: Me, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, ...a few others

Mastering: Yes.

Royalty Split: Me.

Approach to Fans: Righteous and liberal. I will invite a fan to play on stage with me, because if they think they can do what I do better than I do? They deserve to be proven wrong.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Vajay and Guitars

Band Breakup: I'm a huge prick.

Rockstar Death: Assassination

Slicedit: Alternate Rockstar Death is that I write a song so good my head explodes beyond recognition.
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Type of Music: Blackened Symphonic Power Metal

Rockstar Girlfriend: Shakira

Band Rider: In-N-Out, Vanilla Coke, Vodka

Band Transport:

Sponsership Deals:
Jackson, D'Addario, Tama, Floyd Rose, Marshall

Signature Instrument/Gear: 24 Fret Flying V with DiMarzio pups andd OFR
24 fret custom bass, 22 piece tama kit

Record Label: Elektra

Manager: Satan

Record Producer: Archangel Michael

Mastering: Archangel Micheal

Royalty Split: 55-45 (band gets 55, split evenly amongst band members)

Approach to Fans: fan = friend

Ridiculous Indulgence: Enormous castle (for all band members, Dethklok status)

Band Breakup: Airplane crash, kills all minus drummer

Rockstar Death:
See above
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Type of Music Hard Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend My current one

Band Rider Gatorade, Beef Jerkey, Milky Ways, Cheese Sticks, and Chicken Strips
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport Tour bus, jets
Sponsership Deals Schecter Guitars, Randall Amps, Ibanez pedals

Signature Instrument/Gear Rosewood neck, dual Duncan Humbuckers, 26 frets, Floyd Rose, with blue and silver streaks.

Record Label Warner Bros., Adeline Records, Reprise Records.
Manager Hmm.. Tough one. I would want to find someone fresh out of college, yet know what is going on..

Record Producer My band.

Mastering My band.

Royalty 40% to roadies, manager, and people like that, rest to us. (That's not counting the record labels' cut.)

Ridiculous Indulgence A huge backyard and swimming pool.

Approach to Fans Sign tons of gear, let them chill on stage, sing with us, hang out with us. Never be rude or whatever...Treat them with tons of respect.

Band Breakup .... Just time to call it quits.

Rockstar Death Dies in sleep at ripe age of 102!
Type of Music Whatever genre Muse is...

Rockstar Girlfriend Would be my actual girlfriend, she fuckin' rocks

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise) Subway and Pepsi

Band Transport Tour Bus

Sponsership Deals Gibson, Dunlop.

Signature Instrument/Gear ^

Record Label any that wants

Manager mmm dunno

Record Producer don't know

Mastering DON'T KNOW

Royalty Split split even between band members

Approach to Fans I'd be very close to them.

Ridiculous Indulgence enormous house

Band Breakup none!

Rockstar DeathEnormous amp falls over me...
Type of Music: Death metal, progressive

Rockstar Girlfriend: This chick I like

Band Rider: idk
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport: Bus, airplane, I dont care.

Sponsership Deals: Peavey, Carvin, Seymour Duncan

Signature Instrument/Gear: Signature Custom Carvin guitar, 100% CUSTOM, Peavey 6505 + amp

Record Label: Metal Blade

Manager: Myself

Record Producer: I dont know

Mastering: Dont know

Royalty Split: What?

Approach to Fans: WE play our music, so we hope they enjoy it, and we'd try to put on the best show possible

Ridiculous Indulgence: Guitars. I would have hundreds.

Band Breakup: Never

Rockstar Death: Impaled on a pointy as hell guitar. On stage. In front of thousands.

My things:
Bowes SLx7
Washburn WG587
Washburn X40Pro
Washburn X50
Washburn HM24
Washburn WR150
Laguna LE200s
Arietta Acoustic
First Act
Valveking 112
VHT Deliverance

Type of Music - Metal, perhaps some punk influences

Rockstar Girlfriend - Girlfriend? That aint rocknroll

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise) - Beer

Band Transport - Bus

Sponsership Deals - Marshall, yeah baby.

Signature Instrument/Gear - Gibson for the PR

Record Label - GAIN

Manager - "Alex Rodman"?

Record Producer - no idea, actually.

Mastering - got nothing here either

Royalty Split - Equal, and someone else need to pay the beer.

Approach to Fans - **** off

Ridiculous Indulgence - coke

Band Breakup - what? this is for life foo'

Rockstar Death - OD and choke in my own vomit. The metal way.
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Type of Music- Indie, alternative, rock, electronica (a mix of those things)

Rockstar Girlfriend- Hayley Williams Honestly though, just a girl girl who doesn't have to be famous

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise)- TONS of rice and bean burritos, and cocktail shrimp

Band Transport- A cool bus, so we can travel as a band and bring friends along

Sponsership Deals- Gibson guitars, Boss effects

Signature Instrument/Gear- A guitar with a full on-board synthesizer and all that jazz (Think Matt Bellamy but BETTER)

Record Label- My own label, which I will sign small-time young bands to.

Manager- The band.

Record Producer- Us.

Mastering- Us.

Royalty Split- Equal shares all around, and then one more share to the songwriter.

Approach to Fans- Chill with them after shows, invite them to parties, etc.

Ridiculous Indulgence- A house that is a huge skatepark inside. To get from the bedroom to the kitchen, you have to go through a snake slalom on a Sector 9

Band Breakup- To persue individual musical interests, after a long time, of course

Rockstar Death- Flamed to death by The Pit for being in an Indie/ Electronica band rather than classic rock/ metal

Call me Patrick! My username sucks anyway
Type of Music: Progressive Metalcore/ Mathcore

Rockstar Girlfriend: I wish

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise): I wish

Band Transport: An actual tour van?

Sponsership Deals: ESP, D'Addario

Signature Instrument/Gear: ESP Horizon NT-2

Record Label: Underground Ops

Manager: Someone I know

Record Producer: Adam D.

Mastering: Me

Royalty Split: Something fair

Approach to Fans: I love everyone.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Chocolate Milk

Band Breakup: everyone loved each other too much

Rockstar Death: CANCER!
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Type of Music - PUNK

Rockstar Girlfriend - someone not famous.. just a really cool chick

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise) - no clue what this is

Band Transport - a big white van with some bumper stickers on it

Sponsership Deals - mountain dew

Signature Instrument/Gear - no sig. gear... just my les paul and orange amp

Record Label - fat wreck records

Manager - myself

Record Producer - not butch vig

Mastering - this cool kid i know named tobe...

Royalty Split - everyone starts with an equal share, then songwriter gets one extra share

Approach to Fans - be chill.. if they want to meet us, sure.. not axl rose at all

Ridiculous Indulgence - playing foosball and badmiton backstage

Band Breakup - indefinate hiatus because tired from touring

Rockstar Death - dies of old age way later in life

i'd be a chill rockstar... i wish it could happen

Type of Music- Acoustic rock.

Rockstar Girlfriend- Everyone and everything.

Band Rider- Italian food, every Frank Zappa album, a clay statue of me.

Band Transport- Warp pipes

Sponsership Deals- Nike

Signature Instrument/Gear- The Squier Stratacaster

Record Label- "OMG HES SO AWESOME!!!" records.

Manager- Billy Mays

Record Producer- Rick Rubin

Mastering- Frank Zappa's corpse

Royalty Split- None (All for me)

Approach to Fans- "Buy my album and give me sex, because i'm better than you."

Ridiculous Indulgence- Extreme Speed Bungie-Diving.

Band Breakup- Everybody wants to be Dave Ghrol.

Rockstar Death- In the bathroom at the age of 27.
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Type of Music: A new kind of style, influenced by 90's-style emo, hard rock, folk, punk, reggae, and ska, with frequent use of acoustic guitars and non-traditional instruments.

Rockstar Girlfriend: An actress and/or model from a semi-exotic, foreign country. Or a certain friend of mine

Band Rider: Chocolate, Jones soda, and sushi.

Band Transport: Bus or jet, depending on the scale of the tour.

Sponsership Deals: None.

Signature Instrument/Gear: Homemade electric guitar, Ovation acoustic.

Record Label: Sub Pop.

Manager: Weird friend from college, or possibly earlier, who went to business school.

Record Producer: Member of either a punk rock or emo band from the 80's or 90's who has little to no experience producing.

Mastering: Tiny studio nobody has heard of. One that won't ruin the sound with too much compression.

Royalty Split: 40%-30%-30% (songwriter gets the bigger portion)

Approach to Fans: Be friendly and down-to-earth with all of them, never act superior. Hang out with them as much as possible.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Random jaunts to far-off locales.

Band Breakup: Get tired of touring, I leave to get married and pursue either fiction writing or acting.

Rockstar Death: A fiery airplane crash, caused by the pilot committing suicide by overdosing on heroin and the plane crashing into a boat just offshore. I survive the crash, but drown soon afterword.
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Type of Music: Progressive / Ambient / Rock

Rockstar Girlfriend: Probably a girl who isn't famous or anything. Just hot.

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise):
Not sure what this means... I'll just say Green Tea and peanut butter and honey sandwiches.

Band Transport: Tour bus

Sponsership Deals: Maybe ESP guitars (but I'll use whatever I please), I like Planet Waves picks and straps but their cables suck, Ernie Ball strings... other stuff maybe.

Signature Instrument/Gear: Les Paul style guitars preferably (heavily customized or personally modified), Mesa Boogie amps, Diezel amps, Orange amps, a vintage Marshall maybe an extensive pedal board... a bunch of stuff.

Record Label: my own

Manager: me

Record Producer: me again... and maybe some famous people... Danny Lohner comes to mind

Mastering: my own personal studio

Royalty Split: all me

Approach to Fans: Treat them like friends or something... I wouldn't snuff anybody... unless I was pissed. Then I'd just tell them to come around another time. I don't plan on being world famous, selling out stadiums and sh*t... just selling out clubs around the country (and maybe Europe)

Ridiculous Indulgence: My own recording studio/record label combined with a guitar modification shop.

Band Breakup: I imagine it will always just be me and anyone else who wants to play on stage. People will come and go as they please, even though there will be people who I will count on more then others.

Rockstar Death: Respectfully fade into obscurity while I tend to my business... all the while creating music casually with no great purpose. Then if I live to be too old, I'll just kill myself anyway.
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Type of Music: Punk/Emo/Grunge/Powerpop with classic blues rock influences (trust me, I have a vision )

Rockstar Girlfriend: Hayley Williams

Band Rider: Root beer, Vault, Bud Light, vodka, chili cheese dip and tortilla chips, pizza, those mine hot-dogs in bbq type sauce, Jimmy John's

Band Transport: A sweet ass tour bus

Sponsership Deals: None

Signature Instrument/Gear: 1979 Les Paul Custom with black pickguard and gold hardware, my Ibanez GRX20 covered in stickers and all beat to hell with a Mighty Mite Motherbucker in the bridge

Record Label: Adeline, Hellcat, Victory, or Geffen

Manager: A close lady friend of mine who's awesome and really smart

Record Producer: Butch Vig maybe

Mastering: Myself

Royalty Split: Even between band members

Approach to Fans: Do as much as I possibly could to have a close relationship with fans on a personal level

Ridiculous Indulgence: I dunno, just constantly be doing stupid crap and ****ing things up

Band Breakup: Probably me being too much of a dictator

Rockstar Death: Bus accident? Or die trying to do something extremely stupid but really cool
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Type of Music - Pop Punk

Rockstar Girlfriend - My current girlfriend

Band Rider - I dont understand...

Band Transport - A van with working air conditioning

Sponsership Deals - Macbeth Footwear

Signature Instrument/Gear - Nothing signature

Record Label - Epitaph, Drive-Thru, or FBR

Manager - Whichever of my good friends will work hard

Record Producer - Mark Hoppus and/or Matt Squire and/or Butch Walker

Mastering - Whoever will make it sound good

Royalty Split - Whatever we feel is best. I dont really know

Approach to Fans - Try to chill with as many as possible. Like, actually hang out after shows and stuff.

Ridiculous Indulgence - Eating too much pizza

Band Breakup - We'd get old and feel like it was time to move on. Then we would reunite a few years later because we missed it.

Rockstar Death - Old age. Kinda boring though, haha.
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Type of Music: Melodic Death Metal/Technical Death

Rockstar Girlfriend: The girlfriend I have now. Not a rockstar

Band Rider: wut?

Band Transport: Bus

Sponsership Deals: Mesa Amps, Jackson Guitars, Seymour Duncan

Signature Instrument/Gear: Signature Jackson DK1

Record Label: Roadrunner

Manager: Ourselves

Record Producer: Adam D from Killswitch Engage

Mastering: Adam D

Royalty Split: 20% to each member.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Jackson Guitars/Fender Guitars

Approach to Fans: Hang out with them at the bar.

Band Breakup: Demanding unfair royalty split

Rockstar Death: Old age?
Can we erase the past?
To allow our dreams to forever last?


Mesa Boogie Mini Rec 25
Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 cab

Jackson DK2, DK2M, DKMGT, SLAT3-7, DK1
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Type of Music
Alternative rock

Rockstar Girlfriend
A girlfriend I met BEFORE I became famous

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise)
Lots of pasta and whatever else I feel/water/my family maybe

Band Transport
Nice bus

Sponsership Deals
Probably Gibson or Fender/commercials for fun

Signature Instrument/Gear
Gibson: Cherry SG with maestro vibrato and burstbuckers
Fender: Blue Jaguar with lace sensors and and the trem like on the newer, cheaper ones

Record Label
Whichever is coolest

Someone who we get through recommendation

Record Producer
The band itself and maybe Billy Corgan

We'll leave it to our label

Royalty Split
Assuming we're a 4 piece: Singer/songwriter/instrument player of some sort 40%. Other 3 members 20%.

Approach to Fans
Intense appreciation. Maybe even a day dedicated to fans.

Ridiculous Indulgence
Giving my family everything they want and need

Band Breakup
Lack of chemistry. Or after a sucessful album to leave on a good note.

Rockstar Death
Dying to save someone else.
Type of Music- Progressive folktronic bluegrass OR funk-jazz-reggae fusion

Rockstar Girlfriend- Some hippie chick

Band Rider
(food/drink/other backstage wise)- Topollo

Band Transport- Big van

Sponsership Deals- Nike, 'cuz we be ballin' yo

Signature Instrument/Gear- Martin guitar, some sweet hollowbody.

Record Label- Self-released

Manager-self managed/ some random dude who is good at managing

Record Producer- Me/ Danny Barnes

Mastering- Me/ Danny Barnes?

Royalty Split- split amongst the band members, a little more for whoever wrote the particular song.

Approach to Fans- Talk to them lots

Ridiculous Indulgence- Super dense over the top wall of sound production

Band Breakup- Desire for solo projects

Rockstar Death- N/A
Type of Music: Alternative/Blues/Pop

Rockstar Girlfriend: Hayley Williams

Band Rider: Chipotle, water, lots of booze.
(food/drink/other backstage wise)

Band Transport: Jet plane

Sponsership Deals: Fender, Marshall.

Signature Instrument/Gear: Custom 60's Strat.

Record Label: Own

Manager: No clue

Record Producer: Own

Mastering: Me

Royalty Split: Equally amongst the 4 people in the band.

Approach to Fans: chill, if you want to come backstage and meet us you can.

Ridiculous Indulgence: Big house.

Band Breakup: Creative differences

Rockstar Death: Shot by crazed fan.
Type of Music

I would defy genre

Rockstar Girlfriend

Jamie Stewart (male)

Band Transport

A bicycle built for many

Sponsership Deals

Sponsered by the Chinaski Kite Company

Signature Instrument/Gear

The Glockenspiel

Record Label



Barrett Burns

Record Producer

Steve Albini


Zac Pennington

Royalty Split


Approach to Fans

Sex appeal

Ridiculous Indulgence

Black Tar

Band Breakup


Rockstar Death

STD related