Hey guys, just wanted to ask a few quick questions about the fender Big Block strat. For one how much were they when they were new and how much could I get one for now? I was also wondering where could I find one (craigslist/ebay are my best bets right?) and whats the overall quality of this guitar? I love the way this guitar looks more then anything but I also love single coil twang (I'm a metal player at heart so I pick pretty hard.) So basically it's what I'd expect from a fatstrat with upgraded looks & a hotter bucker in the bridge??

Edit: Oh one last thing, I really like the way a black strat with a NON-WHITE pickguard looks, so basically if anyone has any other ideas for cool fenders, I'd look into them. I also love painted headstocks on fenders, but unfortunately you don't see em too often.
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