How often does your band get together and practice, amnd for how long.... I've just helped form a band, and we had our first band practice... i think I'm going to aim for 1 practice a week on sundays just while starting out, do you reckon thats enough?
everyday for random amounts of time

but my band is just me
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i would say that one practice is good enough... eventually move it up to two or three. I would say that the practices should be.. about 2 hours long should do it.

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i would say that one practice is good enough... eventually move it up to two or three. I would say that the practices should be.. about 2 hours long should do it.

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Seriously, until we have everything we need worked out for that day. Say, we have a new song, and need to work on some old ones. We'll all sit around for about 10 minutes, discuss what we want to do that day, then get to practicing. Usually around 3 hours every other day, per week.
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Used to be once a week unless we had a couple of gigs coming up, when we might do a few more. About 3 hours a time.

Now I'm living in South Korea...so band practises are rather limited :P
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we used to practise from right after supper so about 6 till like midnight lol and a couple times a week if we could manage it lol. we got cut off a few times around 9 oclock once the neibhour came over threatening us we had to shut up or die we had a choice lol the awsome thing is we have that recorded somewhere because wed record our jam sessions u no so we wouldnt forget **** when we sobered up lol another time a cop banged on the door for 15 min before coming asking if we could meet her outside cause she was trespassing lol cause we wouldnt answer the door and there was no landline.
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Rehearsal space is expensive so we split it up, once a week we go to this place where we rent rehearsal room for four hours and we play to death, and some other day in the week we all hang out at the singer's place and work on songs, eat, chill, hang out etc.
But when we have gigs we usually skip the rehearsal because we're lazy.
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We usually do it every tuesday, and then we'll do more the closer we get to gigs. We usually practice everyday the week before a bigger gig. It's all dependant on your band, really.
when we started, 4 times a week till we had our first 4 or 5 songs down, then dropped off to 2 times a week or so. usually for 2-6 hours at a time. now if we have a big show or new songs to work on, we'll practice 3-5 times a week, if not, at least once every 4 days to stay fresh. and never think you've practiced enough of a song, when your sick of it, then you know it. we all(band members) want this band to work out on some level for us, and devote all the time we can get together to work on it. if we could practice 7 days a week, i would. but we have jobs, girlfriends, etc. that keep us apart sometimes.

if you think at all your not practicing enough, your probably right. you guys can never be too tight and too on time.
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The only local band I like in my area practices about 2-3 times a week for about 4 hours each practice and they are like the best band around me
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