Flowing endlessly, these streams of disease
Possessor am I, that of undying misery
A rapid flow of never ending worry
Stuck in a repetitive pattern
Of depression

Shapes of words distort from my minds
Drawing board
Caught adrift in a sea of sorrow
Floating still, or dead already?

Travesties and neglect
Led to worry and discontent
Who must I rely when
I protect myself from myself
If my despair
Were to convert to gold
I'd be worth it's weight
Averaging out to that of the world

Yet my feet do not move
Upon eyes
Watched; by a thousand fools
Kept close, locked, in solitude
Strangers surround me
And dictate my every mood

No escape
Only relief
No way out
"you've got to believe"
Rejecting your reality
In place, suicidal tendencies
You've taken me from the world
And put me on display
I walk the halls of your institute
With souls of the same shape
Flowing consciously
In a stream of constant depression

FYI, It's about a depressed guy losing his marbles in a mental institute.
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