Hey I've been thinkin about buyin this epiphone zakk wylde custom (i think thats what its called) has anyone used it if so, any comments?

yeah dude it is bad ass good for all around playing it is great
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Its pretty good i just don't like the passive emgs but put the zakk wylde set it and it would probably kick ass....
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passives r the ones that take or dont take batteries (go ahead add that to the dummest question thread
I played one for a brief minute in Guitar Center a while ago and it was the best-playing non-Elitist Epiphone Les Paul I've ever layed hands on. Too bad it's ugly as sin. I may have just grabbed a good one, though.
I've got the Epi version... I love it. The HZ pickups aren't nearly as bad as people make them out to be, but they sound different depending on your amp, so that's why some people hate them and some don't... they sound good with mine.

Try it. If it sounds good to YOU, roll with it. Yes, there's probably better in the price range if you scour the used market, blah blah blah, I don't care. They're a great guitar and if it suits you, you should get one.
I am surprized they put EMG hz pups in the Zakk Wylde guitars. They put regular EMGs in the Prophecy guitars and they are not as expensive and I think they are of a better quality.

I have played several ZW Epis and they do sound great even with the HZs. Epi did a good job with them with the quality and playability. I have been looking for one for a good price myself but so far they are pretty over price used. They run between $575.00 and $700.00 used and IMHO that's a too much. The Gibson ones run about $2500.00 used and truthfully there is not much difference in the two, swap the HZs on the to regular EMG 81/85s and you get pretty much the same guitar for a fraction of the price.

Unless you have to have that ZW paint job look into the Epiphone LP Prophecy Custom EX it's an amazing guitar with killer looks and regular EMG 81/85 set up. The other version the GX comes with Gibson Dirty Fingers pups which are great as well. I have played them both and either one will make most guitarist happy.

I am surprized they jacked the prices up on these when I bought my Futura the LPs were running about $650.00 as well now they are up to $850.00 that's a huge jump in price in less than a year They are worth it and then sum but a 200.00 price increase is a bit much IMHO.