Check my our new song out.


Song doesn't have a name yet, suggestions would be nice

We will have a myspace soon

EDIT* I dun even know why I put "Cover" in the title when this is my own song. lol, enjoy

Edit* Also, I haven't put in the bass riffs yet

EDIT* The myspace link is the more polished version, some things are different, check it out.

Edit* I have now put in the bass riffs
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Thanks for checking out my song!

This is a really awesome piece. This was really a well done track, but at times I felt that vocals felt a little like they were dragging, maybe you can extend the melody's range. The transition to distortion with the drums was actually a little unexpected. I really enjoyed the riff at 2:45 or so. However, the guitar tone seemed a little too fuzzy (maybe it's just me). when vocals come back in, the guitar against the melody sounds a little dissonant, but maybe that's what you were aiming for. Anyway, great job on the track and great playing.
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sounds good :P

what'd you use to record with?
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Really nice acoustic playing man. Sounds like the strings have just been replaced as well - LOVE THAT! The only thing I can really say is that when the acoustic starts strumming, it seems like the song takes a step backwards instead of forwards. I'd have kept the picking all the way through personally. Ah the distorted guitar tone...a little TOO distorted if you ask me, it doesn't fit in well. At least to me, I'm not much of a metal head. But still, the riffs are great. It sounds like the palm mutes go out of time with the drums though, I'd check on that.

Good stuff, over all though, even if it is a bit long
Pretty cool song, one thing i could say is that sometimes the vocals were sometimes kinda seemed slurred, and i also agree with the tone being a little too fuzy. The drum track worked pretty well, pretty cool track.

crit mine?

also check the vid in the sig
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I can hear a quality recording already. Love the tone of acoustic, what are you using to record? And what guitar? Very nice. Nice song. Very dark lyrics. Hey, i can hear a 12 string!!! I use a 12 string acoustic too. That's beautiful! Love how it all comes in. Very well put together. You need to sing with more passion when the whole mix comes in. More force and more clarity. Another little thing, in my opinion, there is too much distortion on the power chords. Lessen that and it will will sound great. Drums sound nice and clear. Bass not too bad a tone.

Overal very good. Well worth the listen.
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Thanks for the crit