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I wonder if the pit knows any non-metal songs about reclusiveness/misanthropy... Punk is fine, though...
Beck - Mutherfuker

edit: Oh yeah duh, like most of the NIN catalogue. All of his songs are about hating himself or others.
"Playtpus(I Hate You)"-Green Day
i know there is a bunch more
this is just the first that came to mind
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff
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Fury and acoustic guitars don't go well together??!! Is that serious??!! Against Me!?! Almost all folk music has some fury...
I Hate Myself and I Want To Die by Nirvana...although it's hating himself...still counts though...
Wow that Plain White Tees song is so... Bad lyrically... Haha

Maybe I should specify that I meant songs about not liking all people as opposed to a specific person...
Jeremy by Pearl Jam fits this pretty well.

At home, drawing pictures of mountain tops, with him on top.
Lemon yellow sun. Arms raised in a v,
and the dead lay in pools of maroon below.
Daddy didn't give attention, oh,
to the fact that mommy didn't care.
King Jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world.

Jeremy spoke in class today.
Jeremy spoke in class today.

Clearly I remember pickin' on the boy,
seemed a harmless little ****.
Ooo, but we unleashed a lion.
Gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast,
how could I forget?

And he hit me with a surprise left.
My jaw left hurtin', ooo, dropped wide open
just like the day, oh, like the day I heard:
Daddy didn't give affection, no,
and the boy was something that mommy wouldn't wear.
King jeremy the wicked, oh, ruled his world...

Jeremy spoke in class today.
Jeremy spoke in class today.
Jeremy spoke in class today.
Try to forget this...try to forget this...
Try to erase this...try to erase this...
from the blackboard...

Jeremy spoke in class today.
Jeremy spoke in class today.
Jeremy spoke in, spoke in...
Jeremy spoke in, spoke in...
Jeremy spoke in class today...
(spoke in, spoke in...)
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Fury and acoustic guitars don't go well together.

The words of a man who has never listened to Okkervil River.
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
Nazi Punks **** Off - Dead Kennedys
Why Don't You Get A Job? - The Offspring
Emenius Sleepus - Green Day
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What are the best songs by Okkervil River?

Ok, had to do a search for the actual song titles. Here are some good ones:

Blanket and Crib
The War Criminal Rises and Speaks
A Hand to Take Hold of the Scene
Okkervil River Song
Lady Liberty
John Allyn Smith Sails
It Ends with a Fall
Banging on a trash can
Drumming on a street light
Turn those clapping hands into angry bawled(sp?) fists - Against me!
y'all don't wanna step to dis - Against me!

Feed them tot he vultures 7" - Eating glass

Prepare for the worst - Pulling teeth
"The Arsonist" by Thrice is pretty cool/along the lines of what I'm looking for...
I Hope You Die - Bloodhound Gang
And many Eminem songs.. actually a majority or rap songs.
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Try The Funeral by Band of Horses, it's a pretty ace song. Also, Okkervil River is surley a step in the right direction, great band.
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Yeah... The Dope song is pretty crazy, too! Haha

I'm looking for some stuff that's more about misanthropy (general disgust with the human race)... Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
The Offspring - Cool to hate... ??
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