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Dimarzio PAF
1 20%
Dimarzio PAF Pro
4 80%
Voters: 5.
I am looking at these 2 pickups for my Les Paul in the neck position with a Dimarzio Super Distortion in the Bridge. I am looking for an 80's hair metal type tone, but also the ability to get nice fat solo tones similar to Slash in November Rain. Out of the Dimarzio PAF or the PAF Pro, what would you suggest?
I wouldn't really go for the PAF or PAF Pro for fat solo tones. Your best bet would be either a Dimarzio Air Norton, Duncan 59 or Duncan Alnico Pro II
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Not really a budget thing. I was just looking at Dimarzio because I already have the Super Distortion for the bridge. I am going to buy a set of the new GFS VEH though. Seem like a nice set from the sound samples. I am installing them in a different guitar though.
To be honest Id go for a Dimarzio Breed, at full tilt it's hefty enough to balance with the Super Distortion but it'll roll of nicely for lower gain tones...and if there's one thing id does brilliantly it's fat tones.
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I may have to look into that. I always thought the Breed was really kind of a metal only type of pickup and I do more of a classic rock thing, but then again Vai did use the Breed. Thanks for the suggestion.