Hi guys,

well i got a rc-2 for xmas and been mucking around with it since then, playing around making random phrases and so on.. And today.. i turned it onto phrase number 8 and the "Loop/One Shot" and blinking so i was like .. "wtf" so i pushed the pedal and it had a preset loop in it.. piano bass and drums in the phrase and underneith that the drumbeat that the rc-2 provides, i was like "WOW!" so i had a bit of a jam.. then i flicked it onto 9, 10, and 11 and these too have preset chanels in them..

now is this JUST mine or is that with all new RC-2's and if so r ther more i can get just like tht and somehow get them on ther.

Those are on everybodies. As far as getting new ones to put on there...I found myself needing every availiable phrase, so I don't really see why you'd want more. But you could in theory get other jam tracks on your RC-2, by just recording into the AUX IN from your computer, they just wouldn't necessarily be Boss.
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