i was thinking about buying myself a line 6 floor pod but before i do i was wondering if anyone can tell me if its worth it.
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Check out the review on: www.musiciansfriend.com...
They offer very nice deals on Line 6 products, and have many user review for the POD line

Really bad idea. Never trust reviews from a site that sells the item, most people buying from them are inexperienced players who know nothing about tone. If you want a better representation, try Harmony-Central's reviews, at least their's are more credible.

As for your question, I've never tried a Floor POD before, but for the price they cost, I'd rather just spend the extra cash and get a used XT live.
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i have one of those for my bass but i bought it used so it was really cheap
i think its really cool and easy to use
digitech i think is better for guitars though
My friend has a line 6 floor pod and he loves it. I think it has some decent effects and tones plus the volume/wah pedal on it is pretty nice
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i have a pod X3 Live and i love it but idk about the floor pod
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