I have been looking around for a new bass setup for atleast 2 years ever since I bought my starter pack 4 years ago. I am looking for a very smooth tone yet a versatile amp and bass as I am now playing in a bass/acoustic duo aswell as a indie rock/noise rock hybrid sounding band. My limit is about 2000 AUD. Thanks

Also, if I want a smooth deep tone for playing with an acoustic should I look at buying some flatwounds? My strings just snapped whilst tuning...ALL of them

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Thats in auz isnt is, you have crap exchange. Im going to say keep looking on talkbass classifielfs theres alot of Auz users there who sell stuff. Look out for fender p bass and an anshdown mag maybe. I dont prices over there but.
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I'd say youre only real choices are ebay, craigslist and the classifieds on talkbass and bass chat. You can get really great deals if you just look around, you might have to be patient but it'll be worth it.
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