hey watsup. just wanted to pop in and introduce myself. names ryan. i have been playing for a very short time... 3 days to be exact (hold laughter). ive always wanted to learn i just never had the opportunity. finally got a guitar, nothing special but it plays. any tips and/or pointers yall have for a beginning player would gladly be appreciated. right now im practicing somehwhere between 2-6 hours a day depending on work, etc. im finding myself really addicted to it. i can read tabs. i like to think im doing decent for a couple days work. and i can alrdy play the enter sandman intro (woo), Polly by nirvana, and for ****s and giggles, the beginning of the imperial march song from star wars haha. im not taking any lessons yet. i might take a guitar class at my college, havent decided yet. im basically just teaching myself as of now. i like all types of music, so when it comes down to learning specifics, i dont really have anything, if i had my way i would learn every song imaginable lol. so ya thats pretty much me in a nutshell. once again id appreciate any pointers
Hi! Welcome to UG!

Feel free to introduce yourself again in the thread on top of this forum, that was specifically made for new members to introduce themselves:


This site has a great section of lessons for Beginners to Experts, so a lot of that will help you progress. Also learn some finger strength excercises as well as riffs, it just helps

sorry bout that i posted kinda late, didnt even notice that topic
and yes im finding finger strength is getting better as i go so far. ive alrdy got calluses now too lol. idk what its called but isnt there like a lil tool that u just squeeze and it helps with strength?