Hey, seen a few people round here into martial arts what's every1 do? as in, which style? how often? have u got like a proper gym to go to?

And yeah, any1 catch ufc 92? Some good fights there, new champions. Opinions?

[btw for people who haven't seen ufc 92 yet, if some1's going to post something with info bout it, have a SPOILER warning...]
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BJJ and some muay thai...I've trained with a black belt some, but really just do Jiu-jitsu club at college.

UFC 92 blew...well, I guess the fights were good, but was 0-3 in who I wanted to see win. So i didn't leave Hooters happy...or with money...
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yeah, for me it was a 0-2 in who i wanted to win, i wanted Wanderlei and Minotauro to win =[ feel quite bad for Wanderlei, 2 bad knockouts in a really short period of time, especially for a guy like 'The Axe Murderer'...
Didn't mind the Forrest and Rashad fight, but i didn't really like what Rashad did with the like aggrevation thing...poor class if you ask me.
Yeah i couldn't believe Nog was finished so fast...he's NEVER been stopped in any fight, so I guess Brock will have his hands full with Mir's improved striking.
"Be as radical as reality."
- V.I. Lenin
Mir's hands have reallyyy improved, and now not only is he a blck belt bjj but he's quite the boxer in my opinion, he really got the movements right, some good combinations, like the one that knocked mir downn.

I don't like Mir but i really don't like Brock Lesnar, hope he gets what's been comming for a long time, really disrespectful, like that time he pretending to be riding him like a horse, against heath herring...i lost a large amount of respect for brock.