Okay, so I have about $150 bucks in Christmas money and GC gift cards. I've decided I want a delay pedal, and I've narrowed it down to the MXR Carbon Copy and the EHX Memory Man with Hazarai. I know the EHX costs about $75 more, but if I get that, I'll just trade in this ****ty Warlock I bought when I was a 12 year old Slayer fan . I'll probably get around 150-200 for that, if GC doesn't rape me more than I think they will. Anybody have experience with either of these?
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Depends on what you need. The SMM isn't true bypass (I'm not saying it's bad, just something for you to consider), and if you just need nice warm delay, I'd go for the MXR. As far as looping, long delays and reverse delays go, the SMM is able to do those. So depends on what you need from a delay.
The MXR can also self-oscillate nicely
Read the reviews of the MXR Carbon Copy on Harmony-Central: link-o-ramma

People *love* this pedal. I just bought an EHX Deluxe Memory Man for Christmas, but I'm having some major snap/crackle/pop problems with it, and I'll be sending it in to AnalogMan for repairs as it's unusable in its current state. Now I kinda wish I had bought the MXR Carbon Copy.

It's not as versatile as the DMM (the MOD tremolo/chorus effect, for example, is fixed and only adjustable via an internal trim pot), but it is analog, it has a longer delay (around 600 ms, I think, compared to the DMM), it's about half the cost of the DMM, and it's very compact.

I haven't read a who lot of reviews of the Memory Man with Hazarai, but I doubt that folks are as enthusiastic about it as the Carbon Copy. Mind you, almost everyone who reviewed the Carbon Copy also admitted that he wanted a DMM, too!
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if your need long/crazy delays as well as the loop.. go smmh (i own one)

if your just gonna use it for a quick delay.. go carbon
Just as other people said, it depends what you want.

If you want a simple analog delay the Carbon Copy is perfect. If you want a delay with more options the Memory Man is good for that.
No one seemed to mention this, but the memory man with hazarai also has tap tempo. i don't know if that's important to you, but it's something to think about.
Two very different pedals. Would be easier to compare Carbon Copy with the Deluxe Memory Man, since both are analog (the Memory Man with Hazarai is digital).

Analog delays tends to be very more and natural sounding, but with quite limited delay time.
Digital delays have long delay time and tap tempo, which allows for building of crazy loops, but tend sound much more sterile than the analogs.