So... I've been playing for a couple years now but just starting to really get into it. I've been trying to get good pinch harmonics, but can't seem to get them as good as I want. Any tips?
Honestly, just practice getting them slowly, and in time it'll just become natural. It's like with learning fingerpicking, and first it seems weird and awkward, but soon it becomes normal.

Other than that, you'll get better help in the 'Advanced Techniques' forum.
Well, I looked first at some videos on YouTube, and just played and tried to throw them in. After some time, they come in pretty easily.
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you should hold your pick real close to the point and try to pick it in a digging motion oh I almost forgot try to set your pick up in the bridge position coz for me the bridge position gets the most harmonics and also there are some parts that doesn't produce a pinch harmonic try different spots in the string to find the "sweet spot"
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