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What would you do if you lost your playing hand or cut off your fingers for some reason??
Change to drums.

Def Leppard FTW!
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Do a Django Reinhart. Even though he still had two fingers to work with.
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Kill myself.

With my other hand, obviously
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Re-learn using my feet, or something. It'd be incredibly difficult, but it's possible to do.
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Die, 'cause I can't fap with my other hand.

/Pit response

Seriously, I'd play more keyboard, and maybe get some kind of prosthetic hand.
Be like Tony Iommi...sort of...and get prostetics.
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Learn to play with the other hand and build something to hold a pick with.

yeah hahaha
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I would probably bleed a lot, unless whatever cut it off was extremely hot.

like a lightsaber?

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drink myself into oblivion.

and django reinhardt still used his bad fingers for some chord work. we'd be screwed.
Easy, play bass !

Da dum tsh !
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Change to an instrument that allowed me to still play. Or just go into composing/producing
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I would switch to drums
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talk to my insurance company. i would get a lot of money for thet.
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Call Luke/Anakin Skywalker's protheticist.

id become a poketrainer
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Build a new one

Army of Darkness medieval mechanical hand ftw!!!
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Army of Darkness medieval mechanical hand ftw!!!

yeah and the chainsaw would have picks instead of blades hahahaha FOR EXTREME SHREDDING *wink*
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Playing hand?

Have you all worked out some magic way of playing, or something? Because I tend to use one hand for fretting, and the other for strumming. In other words, I use both hands to play

Which hand would that be? I could get a slide attached to where my hand was and learn slide.
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Which hand would that be? I could get a slide attached to where my hand was and learn slide.

the hand that you mostly use
Probably kill myself.
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I'm referring to the ' girlfriends tits' thread

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the hand that you mostly use

Which is actually both of them.

But if I lost one hand, I'd have to use the other to just play songs consisting entirely of hammer-ons and pull-offs. I might be able to get a couple of decent sounding tracks out of doing that, but it'd just get repetitive after the third song.

Although that never stopped AC/DC...
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Although that never stopped AC/DC...

They have one song that does that, Thunderstruck, so shut up if you don't know what you're talking about.

I would do a Tony Iommi or work on my speed forever so I could strum and fret stuff at the same time.
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Easy, play bass !

Da dum tsh !

i wouldnt get the other hand chopped off, as i use both
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Change to drums.

Def Leppard FTW!

What this person said.
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