I have been playing the guitar for almost a year, but I seem to have a major problem regarding the sound that comes out of my guitar. What I mean is, when I'm playing a song it's hard to take my fingers off a string to play another without the previous one leaving a light noise that completely ruins the song. What could I be doing wrong? I'd really appreaciate any help.

I havn't heard something like this that completely ruins the song but im guessing its because you arent fast enought with your fingers, try just going back and forth with chords fast and percisivly
It is probably because you are not bringing your fingers off the strings your are fretting straight. You are probably pulling them a bit to the side when you change strings. Try playing it very, very slowly and bringing your fingers away at a 90 degree angle to the strings instead of pulling them off.

I had this problem, and still do at times. It is a tough one to get over unhless you really make a conscious effort to correct it.
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Don't drag to fingers off the strings. Lift them up. But not so fast that the string rings open. Lift it up so the string is off the fret, but still touching your finger. Then take your finger off. Like a palm mute but with your fretting hand =]