Back when I used thinner strings, like 9-46, i could do very nice dive bombs on my Fender. Now I'm using 11-53 and the whammy bar doesn't change the pitch at all when I push down. I switched back to the 9-46's and volia, I could dive bomb again. But I hate thinner string so I went back to 11-53's.

The 9-46 was Ernie's Balls and the 11-53 is D'arrdio or whatever it is.
Your bridge is set for the resistance of the 9-46 strings. Upping the gage ups the amount of tension on the bridge and the springs in the back of the guitar. If you are going to be using 11s for a while, take your guitar in and tell them to set the bridge up to accept 11s. They will probably add another spring to the back to correct the tension. Also, randomly changing string gages on a guitar with a trem is a good way to screw up your guitar's intonation.

EDIT: I just totally misspelled gauge that whole time...
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