Hey I have 2 new crazy songs in my profile if you guys are interested. One is called the base, and the other is called meltdown. Tell me what you think!
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i didn't like either of these songs. the fact that i could tell exactly what you are playing listening to "base" once is not really a good sign. you love metalcore a little too much. expand your mind and stop playing mindless generic riffs that have been recycled millions of times. sorry to be harsh but its true.

you can attempt to tear me apart too if you wish.
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First of all, I enjoy deathcore for it's complexity and it's the only genre heavy enough for me

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The Base
Recording quality isn't that great. I dont know if its the tone or the playing, but the beginning sound very sratchy. I also notice, that the time is off is some places. And i think you might be out of tune for the lead. The mix could be improved. Overall it sounds messy, sharpen it up a little and it can be really good.

Kinda Cool, but bc of the recording quality it doesnt sound very good, has potential but doesn't really sound like anything but (hate to say it) noise.

These songs can be really good, but to get the kinda sound your going for the playing is a little too messy and bc of the mix you cant hear what your supposed to.

Crit me?

also check the vid in the sig
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The timing is awful. Your right hand isn't really in time in any of your recordings, you're kind of just flailing it as quickly as possible. You need to start working with a metronome slowly and then work your way up.

The riffs are also totally generic metalcore riffs that have been done 2129-1201 times already. Not to be a dick, but you need to practice timing a lot and probably listen to some more music.

And Meltdown is noise.