So I'm in the market for a new compressor.
I have a behringer compressor at the moment and it does the job, but when I play at higher volumes there's this very loud hiss as soon as I play a note.
what are some good compressors?
if possible nothing over 100 bucks and it would be nice if it has some kind of sustain knob on it.
and I'm willing to go 2ndhand.

Thanks, Farether

EDIT: anyone familiar with this one(or this brand?)
it seems like it also has some kind of noise/hiss reducer feature on it
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I've never saw any problems with the Boss Comp. but it's the only compressor I've tried. I'd reccommend you try it if you can, but there is others out there.
Boss CS-3.
But if you happen to come across a CS-2, for the love of god TAKE IT!
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I'd vote for a Marshall ED-1. I have had mine forever and it is indestructable. It also sounds darn good.
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Boss CS-3.
But if you happen to come across a CS-2, for the love of god TAKE IT!

It just searched on a local ebay and guess what I found:P
but the highest bit is about 85 bucks and it's status is reserved. so probably already sold.
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MXR Dyna Comp. I Love mine. If you get the chance though try the Super Comp as well.
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I have a bass CS-3 and I hate it. It was awful right out of the box so I sent it to chad at cmatmods to have a few of the low quality parts swapped out for some better parts which made it less noisy and gave it better tone. Now I enjoy my CS-3 about as much as I enjoy getting kicked in the nuts.

I currently own 5 compressors that are still in production and my favorite one is the sigma comp and can be purchased on ebay or at www.cmatmods.com It's very quiet and doesn't color your tone too much, just gives you more bite.
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keeley compressor is extremely nice too. many pros swear by it
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^I've got one of those too. I like the sigma comp better, and it's significantly cheaper, but bother are great compressors.

My absolute favorite comp is the guyatone tc-x. It's been off the market for several years and it's noisy as hell but it does have a sweet tone.
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