I'm in the market for a new head, and I have a really tight budget. As close to staying under 400 is where I am at right now. I'm tired of solid state so I am looking for tube. I can either get a 15w Blackheart Handsome Devil new, or my friend is willing to sell me a Laney GH100TI that is pretty beat up on the outside from two US tours, but the internals are in perfect condition.
I play in a pop punk band(think Four Year Strong) with a Gibson SG special and an Avatar G412 cab, and play shows frequently. My questions are: Can the Blackheart really play shows un mic'd? And is the Laney really as awful as I've heard about for just about anything other then metal?
Any knowledge about either of these amps, or another amp that I have overlooked that you feel would better suit me is appreciated.
i have the 5w and i just mic it in my gigs and for pop punk i think you need an overdrive pedal to go with the amp
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it would destroy the blackheart

the cleans are fine and its hella more versatile than the BH

to summarise: get the laney!
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the blackheart would be too weak not miced at anything larger than a small show
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Personally I think the Laney is good, and I HATE metal (when I played it, I had the drive right down most of the time, and it sounded alright ). It can manage all sorts of tones (ish), and as stevo mentioned, has fairly nice cleans.
The Blackheart is ok, but I haven't played it much. It probably doesn't have enough gain for you though, if you don't have any pedals.

EDIT: But maybe a Laney GH50L? 100W is a bit much, and it has a slightly different character to the GH100TI. Or maybe a Peavey Valveking head? They're alright, and probably more suited to your style. Also, they're cheap.
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