brand spanking new original. Tell me what you think.

Also if any vocalist wants to have a go at it I would be more than happy to send them the track as it could really do with vocals!

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Yeah your right about it needing vocals, It's really good. It sounds like some rock song you'd hear on an alternative radio station, but with out vocals. It sounds really well put together and organized. Another thing that i could suggest is maybe put a solo in there. but nice song

Crit mine?

Also if you have the time, check out the vid in the sig
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One of the better songs I've heard on here, that was really impressive, well done.
As Ardie said, a new solo maybe needed, but I enjoyed it through out.

I'll have a go at vocals, got any lyrics for it?
If not I'll make some later in the week, and if you could send me the structure with the link too :p.

Fancy critting mine? "Flew into the sun" is my latest one.
i thought the guitar tone was a bit bright, but i really enjoyed the intro music and the bass guiitar tone. the lead guitar tone could come up a bit too. i thought the writing on this was really impressive. with vocals this could be really cool. so in general, the tone and mixing could be improved, but overall, i really like the song.

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