hello all, I've been playing electric guitar for about 3 months, and after months of just uingthe tabs, I decided to make an account on ultimate-guitar. i have Liberty (small company owned by tanglewood i think) SG and Les Paul copies, and use a Line 6 spider III 15watt amp. my influences are, Tenacious D, Metallica, Green Day and Muse to name a few. I hope to get to know these forums well
hola, welcome to UG, i'd stay away from the pit for a little bit cuz theres nothing worse to a UGer then getting there first flame.
I remember mine quite clearly actually.
If i were you i would add that your new to UG in all your posts untill you feel comfortable here, it will probably lower the will to flame.
But theres close to no flaming here in the electric guitar forum.
and your probably gonna get sh** about your spider, which i think is a good practice amp but others dont.
welcome, look around in the forums there is plenty of cool stuff
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