Me and a few friends are starting up a band... we already know some local places we can gig in. But we need some help with these:

*I am looking for a band name... We are playing metal, rock, and maybe some emo. So i was wondering if anyone had any band names?

*Does anyone know any easy songs to sing and play on guitar,bass,and drums? (haha that seems hard )


All comments are welcome!
There was only one Andres Segovia
Go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article until you find a good name for a band, that's how I got mine.
eww emo
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alice sweet alice, it was a olddd horror flick, my band was gonna use it when we reformed but we never reformed lol
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eww emo


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THE ASIAN PARADE FTW!!!! (that's the name of my techno band )

haha. nice name man!
There was only one Andres Segovia