Hello, my name is Mark. I am fairly new to the message boards, so I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong section. I got an Ibanez SAS32EX guitar (http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/images/eg2008/SAS32EX_BK_27_01.gif) for christmas , but of course, within the 3 days I've had it, I've managed to chip the coating on the back, and it's fairly noticable. I know it doesn't affect the sound of the guitar, it's just annoying that it's there. Does anybody know where I could send it off to get repaired? Roughly how much it cost? Any kit I could buy online to patch it back up? Etc. If I can manage to find my digital camera I'll post a picture of it, just so you know what I'm workin' with. Cheers.
Repairing a chip in the finish isn't easy, as you can't just fill it. You have to repaint the whole guitar. That's kind of pointless.

And normally, any guitar-related questions go in the Electric Guitar forum.

I guess if it's REALLY bothering you, you could get touch up paints (usually intended for painting over dents on cars) and paint over the chip. It won't look good, but at least it won't be as noticable.
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The easiest way to patch it, small chips anyway, is nail polish of the same color, if your careful it blends in pretty near perfect in my experience.
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Oh, alright. I might just try a few coats of black nail polish over it? Sorry for posting this in the wrong section btw.
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it's on the back, just don't worry about it.

Seriously, when do you ever look at the back of your guitar?
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well since you jsut got it you could try to take it back from the store and say that it came with the chip and that it must have been scratched when it was being shipped. I work in retail and trust me.....just say it was damged during shipping they will exchange it.
Before I purchased it, they examined it for scratches and chips. There's no way they would have missed this one, haha.