Hey UG'ers

This is my new song Flew Into The Sun

Recorded with my new Ibanez 2570z that I got for xmas :p

This is for my band the Ninja Pirate Super Models.
Even though I actually wrote the whole song, so I thought I would pop it on here.
There will be a newer version added soon with a more interesting solo (as didn't really spend much time on it) and hopefully drums. Even though drums could ruin it, I'll give it a go anyway

C4C Plz ?!?!?

Cheers Guys
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pretty mellow... the lyrics are really good, the vocals sometimes get pretty flat, and sometimes they kinda mumble. When the second lead guitar comes it, it sounds good, but i think that you could work with that a little more to get the 2 leads to work better together.

Crit mine? equally mellow

also check the vid in my sig if you want
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