well i really liked the idea , but there were a few things i really don't know what to think about , I'm not sure if I'm really qualified to rate this kind o fmusic but I'll trie

Intro: Really well-flowing , nice progression, nice soloing , in fact really good idea

Verse 1 (?) : nice riff , but I think the tempo doesn't really fit the song ,I 'D increase the tempo to 200 bpm, so you at double speed to the intro

Breakdown: well , alright it's a breakdown , sounds a lot better with 200 bpm in my ears , too

Intro Reprise: I'd still keep this in 200 bpm sounds grea I think , and maybe change the drums to a more flowing pattern , would fit the song better I'd say

Interlude: nothing special , maybe extend the last note to 2 measures to build up more tension

Bridge: like those parts not much to criticise in here

Solo: the first part fitted well , in the second haöf it was a bit to increative and too many off-notes I think

the transition to the outro is really lacky I think

I've changed a few things how I could imagine this song , feel free to adapt some of the changes If you want to , all in all , it really has potential

thanks for your crit, too
Metaphorical Dementia (Changed).zip