When Holding On Means Giving Up
this one is kind of like, back and forth between two vocalists

1 Take it back
2 Everything
1 That i lack
2 you cant hold on
1 I cant let go
1+2 Not like this
1 what happened
2 that i missed
1 whats wrong with me
2 i cant finish my
1 +2 you were everything, you were everything, you were everything to me
1 now im gone
2 say goodbye
1 its too late
2 for second chances
1 dont even try
1+2 this is done, im through
1 i gave it all
2 all my effort
1 all i had
2 all to you
1 you set me up
2 you put me higher
1 you knocked me down
2 youre a ****ing liar
1+2 But now were moving on, and were cherishing agony. im trying to try, and im doing my best. i say i dont care anymore but i have to confess...
1 im looking for
2 hope in the wreckage
1 but its just not there.
2 we both need this
1 but were both too scared
2 im drawing the line
1 im making the great divide
1+2 ill burn this all down, ill burn it to ashes. this is arson for amnesty, i wont give up til you forgive me.
1 see this knife?
2 ill put it to use
1 see my knife?
2 ill put it to use
1 see this knife?
2 ill put it to good use
1+2 i dont need any ****ing excuse
Im giving up but im not letting go
im not letting go
ill never let you go.

another one..
Redefining and Recreating
Knock me down
Pull me off of my throne
My kingdom topples and nothing can stop it
Take all of my hate hate, take all of my malice
it was nothing, i was never at all great
Everything that i was taught
Everything i thought i knew
And every power that i ever fought
It was false
Everything that i believed (it was false)
Everything that i had seen (it was false)
The person that they all saw (he was false)
Send me spinning back into reality,
Kick me out of this dream, throw me back into fear
thrust me the mirror and replace a god with a ghost
So much less than righteous
I never have been so cautious
I never will again be manipulating
I never will again be synonymous with hating
Take any common man with an ego
Add power and make others unequal
This is the equation for evil
I was merely an example
Of what becomes of those who let others' aspirations be trampled
I have fallen below, i am beneath
Devoid of pride, ive fallen to my knees
All those i once knew left me behind
But i have again found my conscience,
I am no longer blind.

last one.
t moves with a god given grace.

it flows and ebbs with such divine purity.

the patterns trace out a scarlet web.

sent flying through space, it will stain this place.

the blade traced the lines, so gentle yet so unkind

the sanguine pool forms beneath my fett

the puddles of life mark my defeat

opening scars that mark my past failures, but this time i will succeed.

i open my mouth, but i cannot speak

another pull towards my chest robs me of my breath

a final gasp as my knees hit the floor

but i still need more

death creeps over, and my fingers grow cold

on my hands and knees now, and the pain takes hold

my eyelids become heavy and...

let me know what you think please! i need feedback