So I'm going to be picking up 2 amps in the near future.

One for use with my band and for future gigging.

One for home use/practice/recording ideas.

For band: I currently have a Fender stage 160, it's plenty loud enough, and the cleans sound pretty good, but everything else sucks. We're a ska/punk band and I play clean offbeat and very loud, very obnoxious distortion. So I need an amp that can do both well and switch easily. I was thinking of getting the VT100 but it's not out yet. Then I saw an AD120VT for sale locally, but for how much I'll be spending on either I thought maybe there was a better all tube amp that would suite my needs. Help! I have no idea what to get!

For practice: I currently have a Vox Valvetronix VT30, which I love, but I want my amp to have a line out for recording via computer. (The vox has a headphone out, but that cuts the speaker when plugged in) I was thinking of getting a VT50 when it comes out as it has a speaker out, but I think that will also cut the amp's speaker.

So what should I get that I can record at home, occasionally take to friend's houses (some with drums) and can play quietly without sounding like crap?

At home I obviously play ska/punk, but also alternative, and some metal.

I'm going nuts because I have no idea where to start!

And not that it matters, but I have a Marshall JCM900 & 4x12 in the basement that I play when other people come over (and love), but it's too big to haul around and too loud to practice with. I'm just saying that I have experience with tube amps, and for band/gigs I just want a good combo amp.

Wheh! So, if you've read all that, any suggestions would be much appreciated!
price range?
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When I jam with some friends who do punk I just use my 6505 combo. It MORE than gets the job done. I cut back on the presense and treble to darken it up a bit and riff it up. The 6505 really rules the roost for punk and metal. Give it a try.
I don't want to spend more than $350 on a new practice/recording amp (I'll be returning my VT30), and would like to stay around $700 (new or used) for the combo amp for band practice/gigging.

Key here is that the practice amp has to be versitile and able to be played quietly, and the band combo amp must be capable of good cleans (for offbeat ska) and crushing distortion (for the heavy punk parts).

Quote by TheEsupremacy
When I jam with some friends who do punk I just use my 6505 combo. It MORE than gets the job done. I cut back on the presense and treble to darken it up a bit and riff it up. The 6505 really rules the roost for punk and metal. Give it a try.

How does the 6505 do for cleans, I'm used to Fender cleans which makes the offbeat parts sound fantastic (with a little delay and reverb).

Thanks for the suggestion, my friend has a JSX half stack and the thing is awesome, he's always had good luck with Peavey stuff.
Practice amps:

Peavey vypyr 15 watt. I loved it when I tried it out, great practice amp.

Vox Valvetronix 15 watt. A pretty nice palette of tube quality sound.

For the main rig:

There is a pretty large number of things you can get for 700 dollars. I'm going to assume that you'd want a tube amp just for the sheer quality of sound and I'm also going to assume that you would be willing to learn how to maintain a tube amp.

For used:

Peavey: 6505+, xxx.
Marshall jcm 800/900/2000

For new:
Bugera 6262 or 333xl if and only if you are willing to ensure that you fix all the problems with them.
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I'd honestly suggest the b-52 at100 for 500 or so bucks at a guitar center (what that head goes for I believe) and buy an avatar 2x12" cab.

It will be easier to transport (in the long run) and since the head won't be enclosed as much as it would be in the combo it will stay cooler longer.
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Yeah, I currentyl have a Vox VT30 as a practice amp, I played the Peavey Vypyr and it does metal great, but that's about it. I'll probably stick to the Valvetronix as a practice amp, even if I have to mic it to record anything.

Thanks for the suggestions, I have a Marshall JCM900, so I do know all about tube maintenance. Perhaps the easiest thing to do would be to buy a 2x12 cab and bring my head along with me. I stay away from amps that 'need work', there's no worse feeling than being at practice with broken equipment! (And that just won't do for a gig!)

Any other suggestions welcome, I will definitely give a 6505 a try. I'm kicking myself now for not picking up a vintage 5150 combo a few months back on craigslist for super cheap! (It was even the EVH one)