Okay. . .I'm not going straight into my computer. I have a four track recorder that I've used to record a song, and it uses three of the tracks - drum machine, and two guitars. How the hell do I get it on my computer? It's a Fostex FD-4 recorder. I think it's pretty old, but I got it for free, and it works.

Is there any way I can just transfer the tracks straight to my computer? I believe they should be in MIDI format if I manage to get them on my computer, but I figured I could use Audacity to fix them up and get them in an MP3 format. I'm not even sure how to hook the recorder up to my computer, I don't have the instructions guide and I can't find it online.

Some help please? I may just scrap this until I move out and buy my own computer.
They won't be in midi format in any way shape or form.

From what I can gather though, what your going to have to do is get an external cd burner hooked up to this thing and then rip the cd to your comp. there isn't any way to get the tracks off individually as far as I can tell. Unless you have something on your comp that will read the cards that it takes.