It's on Orange Crush 15R amp, and I'm not sure if it's because maybe the amp wasn't meant for this or something, but it's starting to screech. It's not feedback, and it only does it when I have the gain turned up all the way, which maybe it wasn't meant to be used for as I said. When I have overdrive off it will still screech with gain up, and when I move the High end EQ knob, it just changes the pitch of the screeching. In fact, when the High knob is at 0, the screeching stops together while it's on Overdrive.

Oh yeah, I was wondering if you know how to fix it.
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Okay, thanks.
It's not feedback lol. I've tried 2 different guitars on it, and a different amp so I've it's just the amp. When I turn the Tone all the way done on the guitar it all goes away, it's kind of weird, I guess I'll just keep the gain down haha.
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Goes away completely when I have my wah pedal plugged in, oh well.

that's logical because wah sucks treble, and treble partially causes feedback.