So I was on mxtabs.net just now, seeing if they had any forums like UG. To be honest, their forums are boring and there's a bunch of smart people in their version of the pit, which they call "the green room."

I won't lie. I totally support Mx, and everything about it. And I'm 100% percent all for it. But straight up honestly, I get my tabs from UG lol. The community there is one of the worst Music Communities around, but their tabs are solid, and what Mx lost in the 4-5 years it was down, did enough damage that at least for now, UG has caught up and well surpassed.

But like I said, I pledge 100% support to MxTabs, assuming others are in on it too.

I thought I was the only one who did that. >.>

Although, the tabs are better there, the community is full of a bunch douches. And I agree fully.

ur right, they are a bunch of douche bags. Check out this pic.
(the pic wouldn't show up, but it had like a button that said UG forums, then under it it said here goes another 6 hours you'll never get back.

don't forget UG's obsession with Dream Theator and the eternal hatred for Dragonforce and any band that only uses powerchords

True, there are some douches in the pit, but no one has the right to point that out except us UGers! And second of all, what's wrong with Dream Theater (which the guy didn't even spell right) and what's so great about Dragonforce?

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I don't care.

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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

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Who gives a shit? At least we can spell.
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The mxtabs.com community sucks.

/will be quoted as "another douche from UG" on mxtabs.com in a few minutes.

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